APPCON was founded in 1991. The senior staff members of the company, however, have been providing apparel software and support to distributors, importers and manufacturers for more than twenty years. The president of APPCON, Garry Reinhard, was formerly an IBM Systems Engineer where he supported IBM’s apparel customers since the inception of IBM’s first apparel offering for the System/3 Model 6. In the early 1980’s he was the key member of the IBM Apparel Competency Center in Philadelphia, PA where he helped support IBM’s apparel customers on a worldwide basis.

Since that time he and other key members of the APPCON staff have been providing information systems and technical support to the manufacturing, importing, and distribution industries, and have in fact, helped develop other software packages that are currently offered in the marketplace. Collectively, the APPCON staff has over 150 man-years of experience and has installed numerous installations within the IBM system communities.

APPCON was formed for the sole purpose of developing a truly state-of-the-art and totally integrated package written to take advantage of the advanced database architecture of the IBM server iSeries 400. APPCON developed EIS/400 with features and functions that were unavailable with other offerings. In early 2000, IBM approached APPCON with an offer to be one of the first sites to use its WebSphere product. As the partnership evolved and the capabilities of the WebSphere environment were proven, Appcon developed a product specifically for the new environment. With support from IBM, APPCON released a product to replace its EIS400 offering. The new offering has been given the name AppSphere.

APPCON has installed the EIS system at a variety of our clients who range in size from approximately $5 million to over $800 million in annual revenue. For some customers, we have installed the entire set of business applications. For others, we have installed only the customer-service applications and interfaced them to the customer’s existing manufacturing and financial applications. In terms of hardware platforms we have had experience in migrating customers to the IBM server iSeries 400 from multiple platforms.

  • Founded in 1991 by Garry Reinhard
  • IBM Solution provider 1992
  • APPCON ERP Solution 1992
  • IBM Independent software provider 1993
  • IBM partner in development 1999
  • IBM Alpha and Beta development 2000
  • IBM Premier partner in development 2000
  • AppSphere Web-enabled ERP Solution 2001

New in Feb. 2009!!! Software as a Service (SaaS/ASP/Service Bureau)