APPCON, a leading provider of ERP software solutions for all manufacturers, importers and distributors specializing in apparel and related industries, announced the release of the completely web-enabled version of its already powerful EIS system. The AppSphere ERP system was developed using the IBM WebSphere application suite.

IBM WebSphere Development Tools for the IBM server iSeries 400 takes advantage of Java technologies, such as servlets and JavaServer Pages, to bring the power of the Web to important applications sometimes written years before the Internet's explosive growth. Given the large number of APPCON's applications, the opportunity available to APPCON's developers to leverage their existing information assets resulted in a fully functional, Internet application. Using IBM's development tools and the Java skills currently in development, APPCON personnel have made the most of the existing architecture in the new environment.

This relationship creates a powerful, web-enabled solution for distributors, importers and manufacturers in the apparel industry today. Both companies recognize the efficiencies that are gained from using high-performance Internet based business solutions and are committed to the development on the new platform. We are excited about working with our clients in developing and marketing our solutions in the years to come, said Garry Reinhard, President of APPCON. APPCON has significant experience in providing a wide range of advanced solutions.



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December 22, 2000
David Slater, worldwide market manager, IBM iSeries Application Development
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David Slater, worldwide market manager, IBM iSeries Application Development
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Garry Reinhard, President, Application Consultants
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