Appcon Provides the Following Application Services:

Application Web-Enablement Using...

Web Setting Template Tool...
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IBM WebFacing Deployment Tool for WebSphere Development Studio V6 with HATS Technology...
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Proof of Concept - On Customers System Remotely
The Proof of Concept provides real working evidence that the application can be web-enabled successfully. It also provides the visual evidence needed to make a sound business decision as to whether or not WebFacing provides the necessary return on investment. Appcon will provide access to the WebFacing Proof of Concept prototype via our website for up to 30 days. This allows you to "test drive" the application and avoids the cost of establishing the infrastructure to support WebFacing. This provides a conclusive means by which you can determine if WebFacing is the right solution for your company.
  • Customer will provide a sample application
    • Provide required libraries (programs, data files, etc.)
    • Provide up to 20 display files, consisting of no more than 20 programs
    • Highlight application problem areas
  • Appcon will Web Enable up to 20 display files using the IBM WebFacing Tool
    • A standard IBM style sheet will be utilized
    • No source modifications will be made
    • Web enable all of the screens and will provide enhanced Web functionality (customized GUI's, graphics, drop-downs, etc.)on selected screens
    • Prepares a complete project implementation plan outlining all of the activities, dependencies, schedules, resources and system enhancements needed.

    Note: Customer must supply the entire display file DDS source for the sample application, the source code for the application as well as sample data files. The customer must ensure that the source code provided matches the current object code of the application. This must be a test environment separate from production environment.

    System Conversion Services
    The base System Conversion Service includes the following activities:

  • Requires customer to provide all required libraries for WebFacing
  • Complete DDS analysis of required libraries
  • A Project Management plan to Web-Face the requested applications
  • Implementation schedule - options and cost
  • Design of a basic customer style sheet
  • Web enabled application using Appcon Tools and WebFacing
  • Hosting on an Appcon application server for 30 days & return the web application to customer
The above bullets are the base service offered by Appcon. Additional services, such as custom programming and screen design are bid on an individual basis

 View the AppSphere Gallery to see customized screens using the IBM WeFacing Tool

Infrastructure Implementation
Infrastructure Implementation is designed to help customers set up the WebSphere-based infrastructure. (This includes the iSeries HTTP Server, WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Development Studio Client.)

The engagement will include the following objectives:

  • Installation and configuration of WebSphere Application Server 5.0 on the iSeries.
  • Creation of a web application within WebSphere.
  • Configuration of the iSeries HTTP Server.
  • Installation of WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries (includes IBM WebFacing Tool) on one Client PC.
  • Installation and application of the latest PTFs and Fix Packs for:
    • WebSphere Application Server 5.0 Express
    • WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries Licensed Program Product


Appcon offers consulting/mentoring services for WebFacing projects, on a fixed bid basis, that require special attention. For mentoring services please contact Appcon.

WebFacing Workshop

WebFace your applications (up to 20,000 screens), in less than a week, using Appcon’s Web Setting Template Tool.

Application Service Provider (ASP or Service Bureau)
Appcon provides our Web-enabled ERP solution, AppSphere, for use over the internet to companies that want large scale full functioning software at a fraction of the cost. This service, better known as an ASP or Service Bureau, helps small companies grow into a full functioning application quickly. Because AppSphere is currently used by small to large companies, your company would have the assurance of full scalability as it grows.

Appcon/AppSphere provides access to the following application modules:

  • Order Entry/Management
  • Distribution/Shipping
  • EDI
  • Costing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Bill of Material
  • Component Inventory
  • Production/Importing Control
  • Order Allocation

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